Our Animals

Animals are an integral part of the diverse community at Humble Rain Farm. We take pride in providing our cows, pigs and chickens with the highest possible quality of life. We keep small numbers in order to prioritize well-being. We provide balanced diets, access to pasture, fresh water, and shelter, and aim to preserve the freedom and autonomy of each animal. Our animals have names, are handled frequently, and are treated with utmost respect. They radiate good health.

Our Belted Galloway and Jersey cows are 100% grass-fed. We practice rotational grazing, and our herd enjoys access to fresh pastures throughout the summer and fall. We produce a limited quantity of beef for sale, and our Jersey heifer provides dairy for home use.

All of our chickens are free-range and are fed organic grain and vegetable scraps. We raise an eclectic mix of heritage breed laying hens as well as a French heritage red broiler for poultry sales.

We raise our very own Berkshire/Tamworth piglets, robust heritage breeds known for their ability to forage and for exceptionally-flavored pork. Our pigs are raised on pasture and are fed sprouted organic grain and vegetable scraps.

Please e-mail us at humblerainfarm@gmail.com for our price list or to learn more about purchasing our beef, pork, or poultry.


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